Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | July 5-7, 2023

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July 7-9, 2022 Saint-Etienne, France (virtual) IOP Conference Series: Journal of Physics
(ISSN: 1742-6596 )
Volume 2346

Indexing: Ei Compendex & Scopus

July1-4, 2021 Barcelona, Spain(virtual) IOP Conference Series: Journal of Physics
(ISSN: 1742-6596 )
Volume 2014

Indexing: Ei Compendex & Scopus

July1-4, 2020 Istanbul, Turkey(virtual) IOP Conference Series: Journal of Physics
(ISSN: 1742-6596 )
Volume 1789

Indexing: Ei Compendex & Scopus

July1-3, 2019


IOP Conference Series: Journal of Physics
(ISSN: 1742-6596 )

Volume 1411

Indexing: Ei Compendex & Scopus

June 15-18, 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

MATEC Web of Conferences
(ISSN: 2261-236X)

Volume 186 (2018)
Indexing: Ei Compendex & Scopus

April 10-12, 2017

Cape Town, South Africa

IJAPM (ISSN:2010-362X)

Volume 7 Number 3 (Jul. 2017)

April 7-9, 2016

Dubai, UAE

IJAPM (ISSN:2010-362X)

Volume 6 Number 3 (Jul. 2016)

June 11-12, 2015

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

IJAPM (ISSN:2010-362X)

Volume 5 Number 3 (Jul. 2015)

June 14-15, 2014

Hong Kong

IJAPM (ISSN:2010-362X)

Volume 4 Number 4 (Jul. 2014)

June 15-16, 2013

Colombo, Sri Lanka

IJAPM (ISSN:2010-362X)

Volume 3 Number 4 (Jul. 2013)

June 16-17, 2012

Bangalore, India

IJAPM (ISSN:2010-362X)

Volume 2 Number 4 (Jul. 2012)




ICEMP 2019 | Ningbo, China | July 1-3, 2019 | Group Photo

ICEMP2019 | Session I Group Photo

ICEMP 2019 | Session II Group Photo

ICEMP2019|Session III Group Photo

ICEMP 2019 | Keynote Speaker | Prof. Chiharu Ishii from Hosei University, Japan
Title- Development of a Lightweight Power Assist Suit for Nursing Care

ICEMP2019|Keynote Speaker | Prof. Haydar Akca from Abu DhabiUniversity, UAE
Title- An Abstract Impulsive Second-Order Functional-Differential Cauchy Problem with Nonlocal Conditions

ICEMP 2019 | Keynote Speaker | Prof. Jimmy Liu from Southern University of Science and Technology, China
Title- Intelligent Ocular Imaging Research and IMED Team latest research update 2019

ICEMP2019|Best Presentation I
Title: Enhancing engagement during robot-assisted rehabilitation integrated with motor imagery task
Presenter: Tianyu Jia
Affiliation: Tsinghua University, China

ICEMP 2019 | Best Presentation II
Title:Cost-Effective Cancer Screening: Bayesian Model Averaging with Two Sources of Variation
Presenter: Paul J. Darwen
Affiliation: James Cook University Brisbane, Australia

ICEMP2019|Best Presentation III

Title: Peter Chew Rule for Solution Of Triangle
Presenter: Peter Chew
Affiliation: Engineering Maths, Malaysia


ICEMP 2018, Prague, Czech Republic, June 15-18, 2018

Session I Group Photo

Session II Group Photo

Session III Group Photo

Session IV Group Photo

Best Presenter
Study of circulation drive in high-speed rotating flow field
Xu Fan
Institute of physical and chemical engineering, China

Best Presenter
Optimal control strategies for the resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases in Thailand
Teerapol Saleewong
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand
ICEMP 2017, Cape Town, South Africa
ICEMP 2016, Dubai, UAE

ICEMP 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ICEMP 2014, Hong Kong

ICEMP 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka

ICEMP 2012, Bangalore, India